To provide structured programmes to help children in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

To provide a nurturing environment for children to discover themselves and grow.

To provide academic supervision.

To encourage parents to be involved in their children’s development.

To develop self-confidence and independence through character- building activities.



We believe that every child is a gift who deserves to be treated as an individual. Thus we want to develop each child’s talents and help children appreciate their uniqueness.


We see each child’s as a flint waiting to be ignited. So we seek to provide them with exposure through programmes that we have planned.


We desire to enable our children to find their aspirations, and create platforms such that they will be empowered to work towards their goals.


We want to develop children who will take responsibility for their every action, be it in their homes, schools or among their peers.


We encourage our children to practise kindness in their daily lives, to empathize with the needs of others.


We hope to help our children develop the above-mentioned values in their lives even after they have graduated from SPARKS, such that they will be rooted in these values.