Through our programmes, we aim to lead children in the right direction to reach their unique destinies.


“The teachers have guided Ethan in his moral values and conduct, enriching the emotional and mental aspect of his health and well-being. This has helped to put my mind at ease when I’m working as I know that he is enjoying himself and is in good hands!”
Kimberly, Parent of Ethan Tan, Geylang Methodist Primary 2

“I am impressed that the student care centre is well set-up with the tuition room and kids playroom where they can play soccer and basketball at the rooftop of the centre too. I can see that my son is changing for the better since he was enrolled in this centre and I appreciate all the teachers who have guided and patiently taught our child.”
Thandar & Kokomin, Parent of Min, Victory Life Christian School Grade 2

"The after school care provided is exactly what I've been looking for, with the emphasis on school work after lunch, followed up by revisions and playtime after all the studying. Jia Hao really looks forward for the basketball lessons every Friday, and he gets to play with his friends every day. Also, the KAIROS program has helped us to save some time as we do not need to go through the hassle of sending him to tuition classes at night or weekends. We are especially delighted that the student care has planned extensively for the interesting kids' holiday programs which manage to get him occupied and looking forward to. In a nutshell, I am satisfied with the quality of Harvest Care Student Care, and hope that you guys would continue to keep up with this good job! Thumbs up for all the staffs at Harvest Care!"
Chooi Shien, Parent of Chong Jia Hao, Eunos Primary School Primary 4

“Dear Sparks Thank you for the school holiday planned out every year, it is of great help to parents who are unable to take time off work to have a break with the kids. There's no regret whenever I registered my son with your holiday programmes because he truly enjoys the company of friends and every weekly activities organised. It is also reassuring to know that they are in the good hands of awesome teachers from Sparks. Keep up the good work teachers! Many thanks for all the care and guidance for the past 4 years! You guys are wonderful!"
Mabel Low, Parent of Kieran Lim, Stamford Primary School Primary 5

“We would like to express our great appreciation & thank you to all the teachers of Harvest Care Centre for accepting & taking good care of Jayden. Our child is autistic & we really has a hard time to find a centre whom willing to accept him. We are very thankful, that despite is autism issue, Teacher Rongzhu is still willing to take in Jayden & all other teachers, as well as the students there taking care & treating Jayden as a normal child. We can see that Jayden is really enjoying to be at this centre comparing from the past where he was quite reluctant to go to the child care. It is good & great to see that he is growing & learning well after going to Harvest Care centre for just a year though his learning pace is still below average of a normal child. However, to us, it is a vast improvement & we believe the teachers there do educate other children at the centre to treat Jayden like others. Jayden can learn, play, participate in holiday programmes, and also doing social work with all his friends and we can see he has gained confident in himself in doing things. He is learning good moral values from the teachers & friends as well and he tends to be more obedience & understand when to initiate sorry when he ever makes a mistakes. Our heartful thank you to the team of Harvest Care Centre."
Vonnee & Jack, Parent of Jayden Yee, Rainbow Margaret Drive Centre, 10 Years Old